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Celebrating Openness with "I Love Free Software" Day

Rochelle Guillou
1 min read
Celebrating Openness with "I Love Free Software" Day

Today, on "I Love Free Software Day," we're taking a moment to celebrate and express our gratitude and appreciation to the free software community worldwide.

Open and free software help foster creativity, innovation, transparency, and security - all of which empower developers and users around the world. This is why at XMTP Labs, we’re committed to building in the open and embracing the values of the open source movement to ensure a foundation of trust and collaboration, while also nurturing a vibrant sense of community.

The web is a better place because of what free and open software has enabled. It has made building, maintaining and growing various protocols, apps and platforms more accessible for millions of developers worldwide.

In this spirit, we’d like to shine a light on some of the free and open tools that power our journey as contributors to XMTP:

  • Acknowledging Paul Miller’s dedication to maintaining the Noble suite of Javascript cryptography libraries.
  • The OpenMLS project supports efforts to implement secure XMTP messaging.
  • The UniFFI tool which automatically generates foreign-language bindings targeting Rust libraries.
  • Discourse powers the XMTP community forums.
  • ethers-rs, a complete Ethereum and Celo Rust library.
  • Foundry, a portable and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development in Rust.
  • Excalidraw, a virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams which our team loves to visualize complex ideas.

And many more!

A Tribute to Open Source and Free Software Developers Worldwide

The web has been transformed for the better through the capabilities enabled by free and open software.

We will always appreciate and advocate for the open source movement, and today we express our gratitude to all of the developers who continue to play a critical role in the open source and free software communities, with a special nod to the developers across the XMTP ecosystem.

On "I Love Free Software Day" and every day, we stand with you in celebrating the spirit of openness and collaboration.