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Hello World

It’s time to saddle back up to the startup world again—after a few years on the sidelines, my good friend Shane Mac and I (Matt Galligan) have decided to start something new, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Matt Galligan
Matt Galligan
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Hello World

Along with a small but growing team, today we’re opening up to the world just a bit about our new venture: XMTP.

While we’re not yet ready to spill everything, this felt like a good moment to share some of our motivations for starting the company, and a bit about what you might see from us in the coming months.

What we’re building…

Communication on today’s internet is fragmented amongst walled gardens, rampant with scams and spam, and controlled by a few powerful corporations that exploit its users for profit.

We believe the world deserves a means of communication that’s open to everyone, on a network where users control their identity, reap economic benefit from participation, and isn’t controlled by one single entity.

Our mission at XMTP is to build an open, crypto-native communication protocol that connects communities, applications, and users.

About the company…

Shane and I have set out to design a modern organization from the start—one that’s global, remote, and asynchronous-by-default.

Each of us has been in the tech industry for well over a decade, with successes and failures along the way. We’ve been through quite a bit, and have made our fair share of mistakes too.

This time around we see XMTP as an opportunity to build more of a “grown-up” startup—a company that’s fair, equitable, and rewarding for everyone to work at, with an emphasis on having fun while building an ambitious project.

We’ve got an amazing syndicate of investors that participated in our $5M seed round, with a diverse set of expertise that we’re excited to be able to pull from as we build. We’ll share more details later but for now here’s a few our backers:

Offline Ventures, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary's Sound Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Nascent, Betaworks, and founders from Aave, Anchorage, Argent, Balancer, Compound, Dapper Labs, Messari, Origin Protocol, Synthetix. Our angels also include Alexis Ohanian, Anthony Pompliano, Dan Romero, Meltem Demirors, Scott Belsky, and more.

You can follow us here on Twitter: @XMTP

What’s next?

We keep building.

We’re hiring for a number of positions right now to fill out the founding team and move quickly. You can see our available positions here:


Matt Galligan

XMTP Labs co-founder & CEO