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XMTP Labs Joins the Global Encryption Coalition

GEC is a global network that supports strong encryption and which advocates against the rising legal threats to privacy and encryption worldwide.

Rochelle Guillou
2 min read
XMTP Labs Joins the Global Encryption Coalition

At XMTP Labs, defending and promoting privacy and security is a priority. With that in mind, we're happy to announce that we have joined the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC). This move further solidifies our commitment to ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has reliable access to strong encryption.

The Importance of the Global Encryption Coalition

The privacy and security landscape is changing rapidly, and not always for the better. Across various regions and countries, there is an increasing number of legal threats to either ban or undermine end-to-end encryption. This has raised valid concerns among companies, human rights advocates, and the general public about the potential risks to privacy and security.

The Global Encryption Coalition serves as a crucial united effort to address these challenges. It brings together tech organizations, cybersecurity experts, and advocates from around the world to champion the right to use strong encryption. Being part of this coalition means that XMTP Labs will benefit and contribute to the following:

  • Informed Policy Debates: With so many varying perspectives and challenges related to encryption worldwide, it's vital to have a platform where developer communities, privacy advocates and companies can engage in informed and constructive discourse. The GEC offers this platform, facilitating dialogue and ensuring that decisions made are based on knowledge, not fear.
  • Global Network: In times when encryption is threatened, having a strong and supportive network can make all the difference. The GEC, with its diverse range of members, ensures that advocates for strong encryption can rely on the support of a global community.
  • Amplification of Advocacy: A united voice is louder and more compelling. Through the GEC, member organizations can amplify their messages, reaching a broader audience, resulting in more significant impact.
  • A Commitment to a Safer Web: Joining the GEC is a public declaration of support for an encrypted, safer and private web. It sends a powerful message that we are committed to upholding and protecting the privacy rights of every individual.

Why XMTP Labs Stands with the GEC

Our decision to join the GEC stems from our deep-rooted belief that we must always be proactive in defending the fundamental right to privacy.

We recognize the many benefits strong encryption provides - from protecting sensitive data and financial transactions to safeguarding vulnerable individuals from potential threats. We also understand that compromising on encryption can have dire consequences, not just in the context of private messaging but for society at large.

We are honored to work in close collaboration with organizations, companies and privacy experts worldwide via the coalition to continue raising awareness and bolster advocacy efforts in defense of privacy and encryption.